Inclusion on Industry-Leading Website

When you become a Rebounderz franchisee, one of the many benefits is having your franchise included on our industry-leading website. We have invested a tremendous amount of capital and resources to create a website that defines our place in the industry and provides a strong digital presence. Your trampoline park franchise will be prominently displayed on the Rebounderz website so you can begin building your business quickly and with instant brand name recognition.

Rebounderz Trampoline Park Franchise Support Team

Whether you’re calling for marketing advice, staffing guidance, or you need help with the arena, our support team provides you with easy access to the answers you need when you need them. The Support Team is available Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST by calling our Corporate Headquarters, or 24/7 by emailing our support team email address.

Onsite Mentoring Visits

Even after thorough, professional training, the first year of your new business will raise many questions. We know because we’ve been there. As a franchisee of Rebounderz, training doesn’t stop once your facility is operational. Onsite visits from Rebounderz’s hands-on trainers are a much-anticipated and included benefit of being part of the Rebounderz trampoline park franchise family. Reviewing franchise processes, business growth, and marketing effectiveness, Rebounderz experts guide and tweak each and every franchisee’s operations to help you build a Class A business, as well as help you conceive and achieve your business, personal, and community goals.

Industry Leading Research and Development

As part of the Rebounderz family, you’ll have access to all of the trade secrets that make Rebounderz one of a kind. Our innovative, proprietary instructional methods, indoor trampoline arena secrets, procedures, best practices, and equipment recommendations undergo constant research and development. In addition, you’ll benefit from our continual market testing of new products and profit centers, as well as the national buying power Rebounderz franchisees enjoy as we revise our list of preferred vendors and suppliers making Rebounderz a profitable franchise opportunity.

Ongoing Training

We periodically offer ongoing training to help you utilize the latest proven methods and products in the indoor trampoline arena industry. We are constantly developing the Rebounderz brand and making sure you are benefiting from the most up-to-date revenue generating programs via newsletters and/or conferences. In addition, we organize and produce live and web-based national training seminars, bringing our franchisees together to learn the latest methods of building a successful Rebounderz system and to work with fellow franchisees, sharing stories of how best to grow the Rebounderz brand. You will share in presentations by industry experts, roundtable discussions, unveiling of new services, best practices, new methods, and updates by Rebounderz staff.