Franchising as an industry first came into its own during the 1930s and 1940s when several hotels and gas stations decided to begin offering new dealers a comprehensive system of operational and marketing strategies. Since that time the franchising industry has become a national powerhouse in the U.S. economy and a blessing for risk-averse entrepreneurs.

Why is franchising growing so rapidly?

Because franchising works. Small business franchise opportunities allow aspiring business owners to pursue their dreams in an industry they love while eliminating much of the risk and guesswork that usually accompanies a new business start-up. A franchise provides a proven system; a business model forged from trial and error. In fact, franchise businesses have emerged from the recent recession stronger due to the strength of the franchise business model and the strong support of franchisors working with franchisees to sustain profitability.

Franchisors also provide their franchisees with benefits that individuals would not be able to access when starting a business on their own. The most obvious is a proven business model with an established product or service, along with built-in brand recognition. As a franchisee, you will also receive the necessary start-up assistance and training to avoid mistakes that new business owners sometimes encounter. Lastly, you will be provided with technical, operational, and managerial assistance that is unavailable to independent businesses. Franchising has become the clear choice for entrepreneurs who acknowledge their need for guidance and those who value a long-term plan for business success!

What you will receive:

A Rebounderz® Franchise owner is entitled to:

  • Exclusive territory rights within a radius of 5 miles
  • Exclusive rights to larger territories under contractual stipulations
  • Jumper Engineering and Oversight by a Certified State Licensed Engineer to on-site specifications
  • All materials to construct the Jumpers
  • Acquiring and managing labor required to complete the Jumper
  • Pre-opening Jumper inspection by a Certified State Safety Inspector
  • Replacement of any Jumper panels, padding, or covers damaged in shipping
  • Ordering, coordinating, and tracking of Jumper materials involved in future maintenance
  • Quarterly inspections for the first year in business
  • Annual inspections thereafter
  • Intellectual Properties available to Rebounderz® Franchise Owners are:

    • Listing on the website.
    • Use of the Rebounderz® Operations and Training Manuals.
    • Use of the Jump Time Tracker Application and Display.
    • CenterEdge Software POS System and Birthday Party Booking & Waiver Website.
    • Access to automated Metric Reports detailing Birthday Parties, Demographics, Jump Activity, Repeat Customers, Special Events, and Waiver Tracking.
    • Use of the Customer Mailing List and Mass Mail Applications
  • Franchisees are guided through the entire process of opening a Rebounderz® facility from its inception to the Grand Opening. During this time, we provide:

    • Complete oversight of facility setup.
    • Complete oversight of the computers, network, Proprietary Applications, and Point of Sales (POS) setup and configuration.
    • Access to our Preferred Vendor List.
    • Complete training of staff for all positions and functions.