Rebounderz Franchise is proud to be one of the leading trampoline park franchises in the United States! Our business owners have a passion for providing a safe, fun place for families to spend time together while making a successful income. We have profitable trampoline park franchise opportunities available across the nation and in your backyard.

Tune into our trampoline park franchise blog to learn everything that you need to know about successfully running an indoor trampoline park. If you are interested in becoming a business owner with Rebounderz, contact us today!

  1. Rebounderz Is More Than Just a Trampoline Park! – Part 2: Events

    Welcome back to our two-part series, highlighting the features that make Rebounderz so much more than an indoor trampoline park franchise. In part one, we highlighted some of the additional features and attractions that transform our trampoline parks into extreme fun zones. Follow along today as we …Read More

  2. How Rebounderz Franchise Keeps Communities Fun

    Special Programs at Rebounderz At Rebounderz Franchise, we are more than just a successful trampoline park franchise, we are a company who is passionate about providing communities with safe, fun places for families to spend time together. We are proud to be in the family entertainment center (FEC) …Read More

  3. Things to Think About When You Own a Business

    When you start a business, there are a million things to think about and do. Whether you are opening your own one-man shop or have invested in a franchise that will require 70-plus employees to operate, you have a lot on your plate. Here, we’d like to provide a helpful list of things that are comm…Read More

  4. Events to Plan at Your Trampoline Park

    When you invest in a trampoline park franchise, such as Rebounderz, it is easy to count on the day-to-day business of patrons who return to enjoy a few hours of flips and tricks on the trampolines, but it is a business savvy move to plan some events that invite jumpers to come for a specific occasio…Read More

  5. The Future of the Family Entertainment Industry

    Eat, Drink, and Play The entertainment industry is an ever evolving industry that changes with the trends. If you are a family entertainment center franchise owner, you are probably already well aware that what attracts patrons last week, isn’t working this week! To be successful in the family ent…Read More

  6. How to Make Your Family Entertainment Center Business Stand Out

    The family entertainment center industry has been an ever evolving, highly competitive industry. With thousands of bowling franchises, laser tag franchises and amusement franchises, making your family entertainment center stand out can seem difficult. It may seem that brighter lights and a bigger fa…Read More