Rebounderz is one of the most successful indoor trampoline park franchises in the family entertainment center franchise industry. We boast a patented trampoline arena that makes trampolining both a safe and fun experience. For our business owners, we provide ongoing training and support, as well as industry-leading marketing techniques that help grow your business — after all, your success is our success!

Tune into our opening a franchise blog to learn everything you need to know about franchising and becoming a business owner with Rebounderz. For more information, visit our website or contact one of our friendly staff members today.

  1. Turning Your Passion into a Business Opportunity

    Have you been working for “the man” your whole life, feeling frustrated and jealous of those who have figured out how to make a living out of their hobbies? You, too, can turn your passion into a profitable business opportunity. In today's post, we will offer some insight on how to no longer hav…Read More

  2. How to Boost the Morale of Your Employees

    Happy Employees are Productive Employees As a business owner, you have many responsibilities -- making business decisions, promoting and growing your company, and the welfare of your employees. It is true that a happy team is a more productive team and while the mood and attitude of your employees i…Read More

  3. 4 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Franchise

    Many people who decide to be a business owner invest in a franchise, rather than build a business from the ground up. This is a smart move if the franchise investment is a profitable one with an established, proven business model. Opting to invest in a profitable franchise is beneficial for both the…Read More

  4. How to Start a Successful Family Entertainment Center

    If You Build It, They Will Come In a world of competitive options, gone are the days when you can simply offer a product and service and expect people to line up. People have choices and they seek out the extraordinary. Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) are designed for children of all ages for a f…Read More

  5. How to Know if Your Business Will Succeed in Your Town

    We’ve all heard the old adage location, location, location and it applies to everything! If you have been considering franchising or becoming a business owner in your town, you’ll need to do an assessment to find out if your town can support your business. Sometimes businesses are unsustainable …Read More

  6. Lessons to Learn From Successful Franchise Business Owners

    Almost any business can franchise their business to help expand their brand. This can be beneficial for the franchisor when they gain experienced business owners. Franchisees benefit when they have e support network and an established tried-and-true business model to follow. Before franchising your …Read More

  7. What Kind of Boss are You?

    When you are a business owner, it is important to know what kind of boss you are so you know how you are affecting the people who work for you and the clients who walk through your door. Every business is led by a boss, the success of the business depends on it. Every type of boss will affect the bu…Read More

  8. 6 Characteristics of Successful Family Entertainment Center Owners

    Business owners come in all shapes and sizes, just as the business they own and the clients they serve. There is no magic list of qualities one must possess that would guarantee their success if they decided to become a business owner. However, there are some traits that will serve you well if you d…Read More

  9. Franchise Investments: What You Need to Know

    Franchise investment seems to be a hot buzzword in the business world recently. Companies market their brand to franchise to hopeful business owners. Franchise business opportunities are relatively easy to market and sell because they are naturally the total package, a successful, established busine…Read More

  10. How to Afford a Franchise

    You’ve always dreamt of opening a franchise. The thought of being your own boss and achieving financial independence has been appealing for years. But with such a major investment at stake, do you have the available funds to make it happen? The reality is that many aspiring franchisees are concern…Read More