At Rebounderz Franchise, we are passionate about providing a fun, safe place for kids from two years to 80 years to engage in enjoyable, healthy fun. Indoor trampoline parks provide communities with a place to go for fun exercise on a rainy day, a place to celebrate birthdays, and a place to gather friends and family. Over the last two decades, the popularity of indoor trampoline parks only continues to grow as people discover the fun to be had and the benefits of trampoline rebounding. One of the major benefits of opening a trampoline park in your community is the potential for growth. When you create a full family entertainment center that includes the trampoline arena in addition to an arcade, Ninja Warrior obstacle course, laser tag, and other activities, your client base will grow as kids and families alike will flock to the entertainment you provide. Here are just a few reasons that we believe that every town needs an indoor trampoline park.

Create a healthier community.

People — kids, adults, families — will always seek out a source of entertainment outside of the home. Whether your town offers a theme park, a public beach, a movie theater, or simply a mall with a food court, the activities available will often dictate the health of the community. The great thing about trampoline parks is that they are a source of active entertainment that are not low calorie, but helps burn calories! The health benefits of jumping on a trampoline are great. As a franchise owner, you can feel good about helping your community be that much healthier.


Year-round entertainment.

Unlike some other activities — sports, swimming pools, ski resorts — there is no “off-season” for an indoor trampoline park. Whether it is snowing or over one hundred degrees outside, a trampoline park offers a full day of entertainment despite the weather conditions or length of daylight. Of course, there are seasons when indoor trampoline parks see more traffic, mainly around school schedules, but there is no time of year that isn’t the ideal time for a family entertainment center.

Provides a kid’s birthday party venue.

Providing a fun place for parents to host their kid’s birthday parties is important to a community. Otherwise, parents are limited to their own homes or have to work around the weather to host it somewhere such as at the local pool or park. Dedicated event venues are successful business ventures because they see continual traffic. With an indoor trampoline park, you benefit as the business owner as a location for birthday parties, in addition to hosting day-to-day jumpers.

Provide opportunities for family bonding.

Every town needs a place where families can go, together, and bond over quality time. Too many times, parents will do what is fun for the kids for the sake of spending time together. Or, they are forced to split up fun days by age groups of their children — one day for the toddlers and another for the tweens. Indoor trampoline parks, especially those that are modified to be full family entertainment centers offer an exciting time for family members of all ages.

For all the reasons we have listed here, plus the sheer enjoyment of trampoline rebounding, we believe that every town needs an indoor trampoline park for the community to enjoy! At Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park Franchise, we currently have ten locations, internationally, and are looking to expand into every neighborhood! As we listed in a previous article if you live in Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas,, Miami, Orland, Coral Gables, or Tampa, Austin, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Kansas City, or anywhere that we do not currently have a location, we need you! Here are just a few reasons that Rebounderz needs business owners like you.

You know the community.

Your community is your home and you are a community member. You know the area, the interests, and the trends of your area much better than our corporate franchise does. As an invested member of your community, you’ll have a good idea of the best locations and what attractions to add to build the ultimate family entertainment center for the families of your community.

Our franchisees are our company.

Without our franchisees, there is no Rebounderz — our business owners are our lifeblood. To expand and grow as an organization, we need savvy business owners to carry our brand into their hometowns and run their business in areas that we cannot. At Rebounderz Franchise, we are looking for people just like you to grow the next community indoor trampoline park.

If you are interested in bringing a family entertainment center to your town, check out our franchise opportunities available today!