Unlike any other business you can own, a trampoline park has many unique qualities. One of those unique qualities is the importance of safety. Safety at a trampoline park cannot be understated or underemphasized — every aspect of your business should be woven with safety at the forefront. Not only is it important to the health and welfare of your patrons, but your reputation is riding on it! For people to have fun and return over and over again, they must feel safe. Read here to find out why safety should be our motto if you want to be a successful trampoline park owner.

A safety-minded atmosphere reduces liability.

Although accidents can happen from time to time, if there were no safeguards in place to prevent a reasonably predictive accident, you may have a potential lawsuit on your hands as the business owner. Avoid litigation and reduce liability by creating an atmosphere of safety. From the moment that patrons walk through your front door, they should know that safety is important. Begin each admission with a safety brief to ensure each jumper knows the rules and how to stay safe. Make sure that employees are attentive and promoting a culture of safety. That way, you can minimize accidents and reduce the impact of ones that do happen.

Use safe equipment and do regular maintenance.

Trampolines, like any equipment, should be inspected routinely. You should have an established schedule of when trampolines should be inspected and have routine maintenance conducted. At Rebounderz Franchise, our locations all use the super-safe Exoskeleton Jumper trampolines are much safer than other trampoline arenas because it is not a series of trampolines that are joined together, it is a single trampoline with multiple suspensions that allow for bouncing, but doesn’t allow separation, which is a potential for jumpers to get caught or fall through. Rebounderz franchise staffs trampoline specialists to install, repair and maintain all of the trampolines at all of the locations. If your trampoline or play area equipment ever presents with a hazard, immediately quarantine the area and discontinue play near it until the issue is fixed.

Remember that cleanliness is a safety concern.

Cleanliness is an incredibly important aspect of public safety. When it comes to communicable diseases, a trampoline park would be an ideal place to spread disease. We strongly encourage requiring the use of jumping socks provided by your facility and installing hand sanitizer around your facility and at every entry point to the trampolines. Hang signs to remind patrons to wash hands frequently, to cover their coughs and sneezes, and to avoid touching their face or mucous membranes. Define areas where shoes are allowed and enforce those rules to prevent anything from the bottom of shoes making it on to the trampolines. Make sure that your facility has a regular trampoline cleaning schedule that includes the foam pit and any balls that may be present. If your facility serves food or drink, make certain that food is stored at proper temperatures and cooked correctly as well as requiring kitchen staff to wear hair nets and gloves. Keep restrooms clean to prevent the transfer of anything from the bathroom to the play area.

Conduct regular maintenance of the entire facility.

Safety is not limited to the equipment and the dirty hands and feet of patrons, safety is something that should be applied everywhere. Make sure that your parking lot is well lit and clear of anything that could be hazardous to patrons. Be sure that flooring is intact and does not pose a tripping hazard. If your facility has any other play areas or equipment, make sure that they are kept in good repair and are cleaned to the same standards as your trampolines. Keep your employees safe by keeping breakrooms and team areas clean and hazard free. Instill a culture of safety and hold everyone accountable. Share infractions as a teaching point to prevent future slip-ups.

The fire marshall’s ratings are not just suggestions.

Trampolining is an activity that gets exponentially more dangerous as the number of jumpers increases. Keep your facility safe by monitoring the number of jumpers, which means you may have to put time limits on jumping or stop allowing patrons to enter if there are already too many people. This may hurt business initially, but avoiding the potential injuries will save you money in the long run! Make sure that you have the number of staff proportionate to the number of jumpers to ensure safety. Monitor and adjust staffing needs to maintain the safety of the jumpers. You can set limits to the number of jumpers in one area or on one activity. Treat your foam pit like a pool and make sure there is an employee monitoring activity that only allows one jumper in the pit at a time.

Safety is paramount to running a successful trampoline park franchise. If you practice questionable safety practices, patrons will not feel safe and will not return — and will probably encourage everyone they know to do the same! If something that is unsafe for your trampoline park results in an injury or illness, you can face a potential lawsuit if it was preventable by reasonable means. Don’t take a risk on your reputation or facing litigation, create a culture of safety. Safety begins at the top — with you, the business owner. Lead by example and set the standard of safety as the gold standard. If you are safety-minded and are looking for a trampoline park franchise opportunity, contact us at Rebounderz Franchise, where safety is our first priority!