If you’ve made the leap to investing in a franchise with dreams of being a successful business owner, consider a birthday party franchise. Don’t worry, it isn’t what it sounds like, you don’t have to fully commit to a franchise full of balloons and cake, you can invest in a franchise that invites birthday parties organically. For instance, a family entertainment center invites children of all ages to book their parties at a place that everyone can have a blast! We are firm believers that birthday party franchises are a sound investment that will be profitable for years to come.

Why Invest in a Birthday Party Franchise?

The better answer is, why not! Where there are birthday parties, there will be an endless supply of customers! If your business naturally invites party-goers, you may as well jump all in and cater to party planning parents. When families plan birthday parties at external locations, they don’t limit their guests like they would if they were confined to the space of their home. By giving families a reason to plan a birthday party at your establishment, you are inviting hoards of party guests to become patrons, who will then in turn plan their party with you.

What Kinds of Businesses are Birthday Party Franchises?

Businesses that are birthday party franchises are those that are directly marketed as such including party stores, event halls, and party planners. Other businesses that can be considered birthday party franchises include trampoline parks, arcades, bowling alleys, indoor playgrounds and laser tag centers. Anywhere that people can gather for fun and celebration can easily become a birthday party venue. Non-traditional venues that are now trying to tap into the birthday party market include gyms, paint studios, and museums because they see the value in large groups of people returning over and over.

Kids Birthday Parties at Rebounderz

At Rebounderz Trampoline Park, our business is trampoline fun. However, since trampoline parks are a popular destination for kids birthday parties, we decided to embrace it and offer full party planning, setup and clean-up. We find that kids love us hosting their birthday with us because it is exciting and fun, while parents love it because we make it a low stress event! We offer party rooms complete with themed decorations and a personal party assistant. A great deal of our business comes from party-goers who turn in to repeat customers and bring their friends or plan their parties with us — it’s an all-around win!

Birthday parties are a time for large celebrations where people gather together to have fun. The great part is that everyone has a birthday and everyone you know has a birthday, which means a revolving door of birthday party hosting potential. Tapping into the birthday party market can be incredibly profitable franchise opportunity if the business is ran correctly. If you are looking for an investment opportunity that will invite birthday party patrons, consider Rebounderz Trampoline Park! Contact us now for franchise opportunities!