When you purchase a Rebounderz trampoline park franchise, you’re opting for a family friendly environment that helps people to get exercise and have fun in a safe way. What better way is there to spend your days than providing safe fun for individuals of all ages? But what’s probably the most interesting aspect of owning your own franchise is working with all the different franchisees to come up with profitable and entertaining events and programs for your franchise location. Because the Rebounderz franchise is like becoming part of a family, we help one another to innovate and grow the programs across the company. Just to give you a taste of some of the programs that our franchisees have that you may love, keep reading.

Dodgeball League

If you opt to install a specially designed dodgeball jump arena at your Rebounderz trampoline park franchise location, then you can host a wide variety of dodgeball events. From local community leagues to kids camps, everyone loves a great game of dodgeball. Add in trampolines, and the fun won’t stop. All of our locations that currently offer dodgeball also offer this feature for corporate and team building events. Can you imagine getting to see a group of adults out for a corporate event, and employees getting a hit on their boss during a game of dodgeball? This has definitely been a favorite attraction for many.

Toddler Time

At Rebounderz, we’ve always understood that it’s not always easy to find family fun centers and activities that have a entertainment for all ages. At many Rebounderz locations, we offer separate play structures for the littlest tykes that come with their families. Many locations also offer Toddler Time, which is time during the week where parents can bring in their little kids and get in the big jump arena with them and a variety of age appropriate toys.

Rebounderz Exercise

It doesn’t matter what attractions you opt for at your Rebounderz franchise location, as long as you have the Jumper you can hold a variety of fitness classes for adults to enjoy. Rebounding exercise has been around for quite some time and can provide an excellent cardio and strength training workout for a variety of activity levels. Offering classes can bring in a whole new demographic of individuals to your Rebounderz location.

College Nights

If you’re in a college town, don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring college students into your Rebounderz location. College students are always looking for affordable fun and Rebounderz can be just that. Your location could also serve as a fundraising location for a variety of fraternities or sororities as well in order to help the community.

Tap Takeover

Our Jacksonville location is the first to offer Tap Takeover nights. With their liquor licence, they have partnered with a local brewery to offer a variety of unique beers for all their 21 and over guests. This gives guests the opportunity to try new craft beers in a family oriented location. While the kids play, the adults can do a beer tasting geared towards their entertainment desires.

Summer Day Camps

One great way to help fill up your location with smiling faces during the summers is to provide summer day camps for kids where your staff provides fun and activities for kids while their parents work. Kids can come for a day or play all week. These camps can include a meal, activities, and jump time. If you don’t want to take that approach, market to local daycares and camps. Set up a program where they can reserve a timeslot for their campers to come in and play on the equipment for a group price. Either program option helps keep kids active and healthy during the summer. A few of our Rebounderz locations also offer holiday day camp options. For school holidays that parents typically have to work, open up your location for kids to come stay and play.

When you open your own Rebounderz trampoline park franchise location, these are just some of the events that you could include in your location’s itinerary. Many current locations have found them to be rewarding and loads of fun as well. In addition to these ideas, when you join the Rebounderz family, we’re always open to new ideas for events for local communities to be able to enjoy Rebounderz.