Here at Rebounderz Franchise and Development, our indoor trampoline parks and attractions are miles ahead of even the closest competitor in the industry. That’s because, here at Rebounderz, our number one focus has always been to create awesome, new attractions that are safe for our guests. Between the unique engineering and construction of our equipment and the added safety of Rebounderz rules, we provide an experience that makes us truly the best in the industry. So what makes a Rebounderz trampoline park franchise better than any of the competitors? And how are the Rebounderz safety features unique?

Our Exoskeleton Jumper

One of the main pieces of equipment at any indoor trampoline park is simply a large jump area. Most trampoline parks have long jump strips and a wide variety of trampoline setups. Many of these setups can have a variety of inherent risks. Large jumping spaces can provide too much jump and have a higher risk of tearing. Some companies don’t provide proper padding. Some indoor trampoline parks don’t even secure the large jumping trampolines to the ground. Here at Rebounderz, our large jumping area, known as the Jumper, has been granted three unique patents for the design. The overall design is a welded structure that is all one big piece, instead of multiple smaller ones. Each Jumper is also bolted securely to the foundation as well. Lastly, the Jumper is constructed with lots of smaller jump spaces, reducing the risk of individuals jumping into each other and reducing the amount of force that causes wear and tear.


All our attractions are built with the same attention to detail and safety as our Jumper. In addition to this factor, here at Rebounderz Franchise and Development, we also help to provide staff training when you first open your franchise. This helps to provide the manuals and the basic foundation for training that helps to make Rebounderz a safe environment. Rebounderz referees help to enforce all the rules on all the attractions. Some of the most important rules include things such as:

  • Never attempt more than one flip.
  • Always jump and land with two feet.
  • Don’t put your arms out when you fall.
  • No double bouncing for extra height.
  • All referee decisions are final.

Rules such as these help to maintain the franchise values of safety for all the guests that attend our Rebounderz locations while still allowing it to be a fun environment.

When you invest in your Rebounderz indoor trampoline park franchise, we hope that you’re as passionate about fun and safety as we are. We make it easy to have the best equipment with the right training in order to keep your location a fun and safe place that will keep kids, families, and more coming back time and time again. Learn more about why Rebounderz indoor trampoline parks are truly the best in the industry and also why investing in your own franchise is the profit returning option for you. Contact a Rebounderz Franchise specialist today to learn more about different franchise opportunities in your location. Call today!