Welcome back to our two-part series, highlighting the features that make Rebounderz so much more than an indoor trampoline park franchise. In part one, we highlighted some of the additional features and attractions that transform our trampoline parks into extreme fun zones. Follow along today as we highlight the events and programs that have launched us to the top of the family entertainment center franchise list.

Corporate Team Building

Who says that trampoline rebounding us just for school-aged kids? Children and adults of all ages find delight and pure enjoyment rebounding in our giant trampoline arenas. Local companies and businesses can host a corporate team building event at our indoor trampoline parks and watch how collaboration ignites and ideas are sparked when coworkers are delightfully active together.

Sensory Friendly Nights

Rebounderz is proud to be an all-inclusive franchise that is about more than the profits — although those aren’t too shabby either! All of our locations offer a sensory-friendly night to accommodate our sensory sensitive friends. We recognize that our communities are made up of different kinds of families with family members who have varying needs.

Munchkin N’ Me

Think active “mommy and me” activities, but better. Our toddler time trampoline play offers a safe place for toddlers and their grown-up — mom or otherwise — to engage in healthy, active okay that promotes healthy development in munchkin and active exercise in their adult. Not many family entertainment centers cater to kids of all ages the way that we do.

Teen Nights

To provide a safe place for teens and tweens to hang out, many Rebounderz locations offer a Friday Night Jam night where teens have exclusive access to the trampoline area. Glow lights and DJs create a club-like scene and age-appropriate snacks and activities are offered

Fitness Classes

Trampoline rebounding is one of the healthiest activities and most cardio-intensive exercises a person can do! While most of the guests come for the fun — and exercise is just an additional benefit — some come for the workout. Many Rebounderz locations offer air-robic exercise classes that are as fun as they are challenging.

Kids Birthday Party Venue

Rebounderz leads the industry as a premier kids birthday party venue. Not only do we have the space and encourage parents to plan their kid’s birthday parties at our locations, but we offer party packages, have special party rooms, and even host the party! We offer everything to make the kid’s birthday party special for the guest of honor, fun for all the guests, and stress-free for the parents.

Other programs and events include fund-raising specials, community group lockins, holiday special events, facility rentals and custom group events, and summer camps. As a location business owner, you’ll have the opportunity to establish other events and programs as your community demands.

At Rebounderz, we are proud to offer much more than a trampoline arena, and strive to be a family entertainment center franchise that offers safe and exciting enjoyment to families and communities. We believe in making a positive impact on the communities that are home to our facilities.

If you are interested in making a positive impact on the families of your community, consider making a franchise investment in Rebounderz. Rebounderz Franchise is dedicated to its franchisees and will help you implement the activities and attractions we’ve discussed here, plus so much more! Contact us for more information and to become a business owner today!