In a world packed full of stimulation, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd with unique entertainment offerings. Some people may think that one trampoline park franchise is the same as any other trampoline park franchise, but that’s simply not the case. You can’t just throw trampolines in a warehouse space and call it good. The Rebounderz trampoline park franchise is built on the concept that everyone should be able to have extreme, safe fun at any of our locations. But part of what keeps families coming back time and time again is the variety of activities available at each location. While some locations may have fewer attractions than others, each one is still much more than just a trampoline park.

Here at Rebounderz Franchise and Development, we’re always working to provide our franchisees with new, innovative attraction options. One of our newer attractions that communities are loving is our ninja warrior course.

Based off of the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior, our ninja warrior courses allow for several lanes of varying difficulty. In addition, this one-of-a-kind entertainment attraction allows for you to easily change out the courses in order to add variability and keep individuals coming back for more. In fact, we’ve had several individuals visit a variety of locations because they were actually training for the show. In the same respect, the easiest course is manageable for children as well, so anyone in the family can have tons of fun.

The best part is that there is no one else on the market that can even come close to having an attraction like the ninja warrior course from Rebounderz. While not all of our franchise locations have ninja warrior courses, they’re sure to get a lot of attention, and when you decide to open your own franchise location, it’s a great attraction to offer in order to build a buzz.

Why is the ninja warrior course one-of-a-kind?

  • As with all Rebounderz equipment, safety is the very first thing we think about. We make sure that our entire course is not only challenging, but also safe in case of a fall.
  • The courses utilize the same, or very similar, course challenges as seen on the TV show.
  • No other family entertainment franchise or center has even comparable attractions. A Rebounderz location is the ONLY place to go to find recreational ninja warrior courses.
  • Multiple lanes mean multiple people can go at once and each lane can have a varying difficulty.
  • The ninja warrior course is an add-on attraction that is not typically included in jump time, which gives you the opportunity to earn extra revenue.

In addition to our famous ninja warrior courses, Rebounderz Franchise and Development is always working on new attractions. This has historically included our Jump Tower and even the new inflatable, air landing pads for the air pit. Who knows what could be next?

If you’re looking for an innovative franchise solution, invest in the Rebounderz trampoline park franchise for returns on your investment and a whole lot of fun. Contact a franchise specialist today.