When considering owning and operating a franchise business of your own, it’s imperative to make sure it’s with a corporation that has a plan for sustained success.

Operating a franchise business, whether you’re a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned veteran, requires due diligence, hard work, self-motivation, and of course a passion for success.

However, it also requires a knowledge of the competition, and a desire to put in the work to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re looking to own a business in the family event center industry, look no further than Rebounderz. Why are we so successful, with 10 established locations across North America with plenty more on the way?

It’s because we offer more than your traditional trampoline park. Our franchise offers state-of-the-art safety measures, top-of-the-line and patented trampoline equipment, and many more options to help you grow and succeed in even the most competitive of marketplaces.

Simply put, with a Rebounderz franchise, you get more than anyone else can offer. Learn more about owning your own family entertainment franchise at Rebounderz, and keep reading to learn about our different offerings for our partners.

Patented Exoskeleton Trampolines

Our bread and butter, all of our franchise locations receive the necessary equipment, installation, training, and guidance to get the most out of our patented open jump trampoline arena. In fact, we are the only company in the United States to hold a patent on our trampoline arena design, so you know it’s unlike any other you will find. Our patented trampoline arenas are the finest in the industry, implementing a solid, rigid-wall design and a freestanding structure that is free of chains and tie-downs. Our design provides more safety with superior engineering, training, and of course padding, which provides our franchise with the ability to bill themselves as the go-to family entertainment center in the area.

Custom Ninja Warrior Courses

Is there anything hotter in the United States than Ninja Warrior competitions right now? We don’t think so. Rebounderz franchises are among the few to offer customized courses built to our top-of-the-line specifications, with a variety of difficulty levels and obstacles. When you operate one of our trampoline park franchises, you immediately become the talk of the town for those who love fun, physical challenges.

JumpXTREME Towers

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of cliff diving without all of the risks? Well, that’s how you can bill our innovative JumpEXTREME towers, which allow patrons of all ages to conquer their fear of heights by making an exhilarating leap from a 14-foot tower onto a soft, padded landing surface. This attraction will bring out the adrenaline junkies and be a hit for birthday parties and more.

Air Dodgeball Arenas

Who doesn’t love dodgeball? Especially popular with kids, Rebounderz offers one of the safest, funnest trampoline park dodgeball arenas in the entire world. Constructed with our motto, “Superior Engineering, Maximum Safety” in mind, our air dodgeball arenas allow patrons to bounce, dodge, dip, duck, and dive for hours in a whole new light. Use the marketing resources available to you as a Rebounderz franchisee to promote special school events, kids’ parties, and rowdy bachelor nights at your local Rebounderz location.

Basketball Slam Trampolines

Every kid wants to dunk. With the aid of a Rebounderz basketball slam arena, you can make that dream become a reality! Of course, our equipment is fully padded and designed to be as safe as possible, while still being as fun as possible. Watch the money roll in as your customers attempt to do their best LeBron impression at your trampoline park franchise.

Arcades, Cafes, And More

Hey, like we said, we have more options than just trampolines. When you own a Rebouderz franchise, you have the option to implement some classic arcade games as well as virtual reality games into your strategy. Talk about standing apart from the rest. With an arcade, you can offer ticket-based rewards and prizes, and give younger kids and even adults something to do while the rest of the group bounces around. You can also open up a snack bar or a cafe that serves fan favorites like pizza, nachos, hot dogs, ice cream, coffee, and more. Give the dads in the group something to do by offering big screen TVs, WiFi connections, and grab-and-go snacks. The key to a profitable franchise is offering something for everyone, and these different types of offerings allow you to do just that.

Be Your Own Boss

With a trampoline park franchise of your own, you have the ability to be your own boss. That’s something that not everyone gets the chance to do. But with the unparalleled support and resources offered to you by the Rebounderz corporation, you have all of the tools you need and more in order to be profitable, successful, and unique. Learn more about becoming a franchise owner today and make the leap to a successful business venture.