Welcome to the wide world of family fun and entertainment centers.

It’s one of the fastest growing, most exciting, and extremely profitable industries in America, with plenty of opportunities for expansion and franchising readily available.

Now you too can get in on the action by owning your very own indoor trampoline park franchise.

By becoming a member of the Rebounderz family entertainment center family, you join one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. You’ll also receive access to unparalleled resources, support, marketing assistance, and all of the tools you need to be successful in your market.

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The Rise Of Indoor Trampoline Parks

According to the International Association of Trampoline Parks, these unique family entertainment centers continue to be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and beyond.

Just three years ago, it was estimated that somewhere in the neighborhood of 345 trampoline parks were open in the U.S. alone, with an additional 115 expected to open the following year in 2015. And that’s not even taking into account the growth potential for international markets.

Now, in 2017, the industry continues to thrive and look for new ways to grow.

The roots of the trampoline park industry were planted in Las Vegas in 2004, when Rick Platt created “Sky Mania” as the world’s first indoor all-trampoline park.

That vision led to the creation of several companies who were looking to get a slice of the pie and provide a safe, fun, exciting outlet for children, adults, and families alike to enjoy an entirely new experience. Just four years after the inception of Sky Mania, our very own Mark Gurley opened the first Rebounderz location, in Longwood, Florida, creating a brand new space with over 18,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space for fun and family entertainment.

The main draw of our unique family entertainment centers, of course, is that they are indoors and therefore can be enjoyed in any weather, under any conditions, at any time of year. Indoor trampoline parks are perfect for promoting youth activity, which can help combat child obesity, while providing a safe and well-supervised space for things like birthday parties, corporate events, family gatherings, bachelor parties, and more.

That’s what makes them unique, profitable, and just downright fun. With the proper training, guidance, and resources, you can own a successful business in the family entertainment industry.

The Growth Of Rebounderz

Our first Rebounderz location initially included little more than indoor trampolines, but have quickly expanded to locations that include our patented combination and dodgeball jumpers, custom Ninja Warrior courses for events and parties, basketball slam trampolines, Air Pit jumpers, JumpXtreme Towers, laser tag courses, zip lines, virtual reality games, play areas, video game arcades, dining areas, and a whole lot more.

We are truly the most innovative company in the family entertainment center industry today, and one step inside of a Rebounderz location is enough to prove it!

From our patented exoskeleton trampoline designs to our unique and safe play areas, we offer something that our competitors simply can not: A sense of community and home.

Since opening our first location in 2008, Rebounderz has quickly expanded to feature 10 locations throughout the United States and Panama.

That’s right, we’ve made the international leap!

The rapid growth and success of our franchises proves that this is not a fluke, and in fact the popularity surrounding our entertainment centers continues to be on the rise!

Our current locations are much more spacious than that of our original spot, extending from anywhere between 30 and 60,000 square feet of entertainment space with ceilings as high as 25 feet.

Rebounderz franchises currently occupy locations in Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and Panama, with even more locations planned to open in New Jersey, Panama, and California throughout the end of 2017 and early 2018.

We provide our beloved communities with a safe space to enjoy physical activity, bonding, and excitement all in one location. That’s what owning a family entertainment center is all about, and now you too have the opportunity to bring that sense of happiness to a city near you!

Make The Leap

The Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena and Extreme Fun Center team is always searching for new members to join our exciting, growing family. We focus on the safety and overall pleasant experience factors which have helped make us one of the industry leaders in fun, and our support team will provide you with the necessary equipment, resources, and training in order to help make your trampoline park franchise a success.

You don’t want to be the one who missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. By becoming a franchise owner with Rebounderz, you can bring a new form of entertainment to your community that will have a positive impact, promote physical activity, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We offer master franchise, master developers, and joint venture models that can be easily implemented anywhere, and our high quality proprietary commercial trampoline designs will allow you to benefit from the Rebounderz brand and reputation in order to stand apart from the competition.

Jump now and get in on one of the most exciting businesses in the entire world.
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