There are many things that make Rebounderz stand out from other trampoline park franchises and family entertainment franchises. It could be the fact that we’re affordable fun for all ages. It could be that family entertainment parks are growing at a rapid pace. It could also be that Rebounderz can host some of the best kid’s birthday parties at any location. But the main reason that Rebounderz can truly stand above the rest and call each location part of the safest trampoline park franchise around is the various safety factors that are built into the franchise equipment and business structure.

Safety is our number one focus at each Rebounderz franchise location, followed closely by maximum family fun. Each franchise location has many different safety features built into the equipment in order to keep all our jumpers safe. With patented designs and innovation focused on safe fun, you’ll be proud to say you own a Rebounderz franchise.

The Patented “Jumper”

Our unique trampoline arena, also known as the “Jumper,” has received several patents for innovation. This attraction is built from a single, solid frame, instead of several smaller ones, which leads to both stability and durability. In addition, this patented frame is bolted securely to the building foundation in order to provide optimum protection. The trampoline beds used in the “Jumper” are square, independent beds. This provides for the most controlled jump experience and doesn’t put any undue stress on any single point of the beds. Each bed is also double lined so that if damage happens to one layer, there is a secondary bed for safety. Any damaged beds are replaced immediately.

Referee Safety Training

Along with having superior equipment, Rebounderz Franchise and Development provides each franchise owner with the training and information necessary to create a safe environment with the help of their teams. Referees are always available to patrons and supervising all the various attractions. Their jobs are to make sure the rules are followed and to help prevent any potential accident due to behavior. The Referees’ decisions are always final and help to maintain order and safety at each Rebounderz facility.

Double Protection

Along with providing extra protection on all the trampoline beds with double beds, each Rebounderz location goes above and beyond the required minimums for equipment protection. All exposed surfaces are triple padded past the required amount in order to protect each and every individual that comes to Rebounderz.

Safety is always a priority for any Rebounderz franchise. That’s why you’re never alone in attraction development, installation, and training. All of our franchisees are provided support in setting up their location. In addition, there will be onsite training before a location opens and continual business training for all our franchisees. We’ve built the Rebounderz name to be synonymous with safety, and work hard to help all of our locations uphold this standard.

We’d love to have you join the Rebounderz franchise family. Contact us today to learn more about franchise opportunities in your area. Call now!