Eat, Drink, and Play

The entertainment industry is an ever evolving industry that changes with the trends. If you are a family entertainment center franchise owner, you are probably already well aware that what attracts patrons last week, isn’t working this week! To be successful in the family entertainment industry, you must be flexible and keep up with change. Here, we figured we would take a few minutes to discuss the future of the industry and what that could mean to your franchise.

Appeal to the Family

The family entertainment center industry can be a difficult industry to navigate, successfully. What appeals to one family, may not to another. What activities do you include? While some statistics state that more than 60 percent of visitors to family entertainment centers are school-aged, it is unclear if this is because that is the target demographic or if it is because a single family may have multiple members that fit this age range. What makes family centers of any kind difficult is appealing to all age ranges. Sure, parents may submit and engage in activities for the sake of their children’s enjoyment, but if the adults in the family are not excited, they are less likely to bring their families back. When you appeal to adults, older children and teens will naturally also be interested. However, if a young couple has a small child, finding activities that are fun and can engage them all can be difficult. Another statistic shows that families that have multiple children are likely to have an infant or toddler, and if the family entertainment center doesn’t have anything for the youngster, the family is less likely to return. Oh, boy. How do you appeal to the toddler, the school aged child, the teen, and the adult? Sometimes it all just comes down to marketing!

Appeal to Social Media

If life happens outside of social media, the current generation is completely unaware of it. In a social media age, everything is posted — the good, the bad, the ugly. To be successful, make your family entertainment center that is post-worthy. This means, make it attractive, make it exciting. Don’t fight it — You can use potential social media posts to your advantage by creating your own hashtag and have a sign at your entryway with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links as well as unique hashtags you use to market your brand. That way, when they start posting, they can add volume and content to your business’ site. This is also an excellent opportunity for social targeting campaigns as well as intercepting “bad press.” If there is a negative post, address it. Not only will the person who posted it be impressed that you acknowledge it, it can be a great opportunity to regain a potential lost client.

Food and Drink

Almost half of the American population describes themselves as a “foodie.” To some this is simply wanting to try new dishes and flavors, a

nd to others it means being a self-proclaimed food critic and posting every meal on social media. Many people admit that they “come for the food and stay for the fun.” People will actively seek out entertainment that involves good food. If a facility offers both food and a great time with the family, those are the places families are more likely to visit. If a family entertainment center only has a snack bar, chances are, families will not stay long or spend as much money. If you don’t want your family entertainment center to revolve around food, that’s fine, think about what people love about baseball games — a Fenway Frank! Make a signature item — and be sure it’s social media worthy — that will attract new customers and keep current ones coming back and inviting their friends!

Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks are the fastest growing family entertainment center business. The number of trampoline parks have doubled every year since 2013 and the number, nationwide, continues to grow. Not only are facilities opening, but more people are attending them a source of full-family entertainment. To make these establishments all that more successful, savvy business owners have added laser tag centers, bowling centers, and obstacle courses to their trampoline park amusement centers to help appeal to a wider range of physical abilities and age ranges. Trampoline parks are successful at marketing their activities to a wide range of ages by the activities they offer without adding additional equipment! This is a genius business move. Some areas may be blocked off to reserve for the smaller children while dodgeball and basketball courts appeal to the older children and adults alike.

If you are new to the family entertainment industry or debating investing in a family entertainment center franchise, rest assured that if you are willing to roll with the changes, there is a great margin for success. Many business owners invest in a family entertainment center because they are passionate about fun and families. If you are looking for an investment opportunity, check out what we offer at Rebounderz Franchise. If you have any questions or are interested in investing, contact us today!