The number one benefit of opening your own franchise branch is that you get many of the benefits of owning your own business without the risk of starting from scratch on your own. There are pluses and minuses to each way of going about your own business, but more often than not the minuses from owning a franchise are few and far between. By paying royalties to Rebounderz, you’re helping us to be able to provide all of our locations with dedicated service and innovation. When you work with Rebounderz Franchise and Development, you become part of our family. You aren’t left to fail on your own; we provide you with a variety of benefits that help you to thrive as part of our family. You’ll receive franchise support, and we take our corporate responsibility to our franchisees very seriously. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about what type of support we provide all of our franchisees in order to help both each location and the brand succeed.

Industry-Leading Website and Marketing

Marketing is key to getting any brand or location recognized. It’s also key to bring customers through the door. When you own a franchise, you learn about all the different ins and outs of the business, but you probably aren’t a marketing expert to start off. That’s okay because here at Rebounderz Franchise and Development, we work with industry-leading experts to make sure that you have a web presence that speaks volumes. We can also help with signage and other types of print marketing materials. We want to make sure that the Rebounderz brand is in the forefront of everyone’s minds and grow the brand, just as much as you want to grow your own location.

Our Rebounderz Support Team

We know that everything doesn’t always run perfectly smooth at a business and instead of having to figure everything out on your own, we have a staff of trained and dedicated individuals at our corporate offices ready to help you out when you need it. Whether you need help with a marketing problem or there is something up with your location’s equipment, you can always call or email our support team for help. You never have to feel alone as a Rebounderz franchisee; you always have a partner with corporate headquarters.

Onsite Mentoring

Some franchises leave each location to their own devices once the location is open and operational. When you partner with Rebounderz, you get continued onsite support throughout the first year. This means that trained and educated staff will make onsite visits to help evaluate how your business is doing. These are times to have questions answered, ask for additional training, and to tweak your business plan for increased sales and success. Onsite mentoring allows you to have real support from individuals who have done this process many times before and can bring much needed ideas into the mix.

Ongoing Training

In addition to business mentoring, we want to make sure that you’re provided with all the training and information you need in order to run an industry leading and profitable franchise in the entertainment industry. This can include a variety of different training events. We may host onsite conferences or we may host webinars on various topics. These events help you to get to know your fellow franchisees and to help you learn how other locations are growing their own business. We work to make sure that our franchises are a connected team that can help one another learn and grow. Here at corporate, we also work hard to make sure that we are up-to-date on the latest indoor trampoline park trends across the nation so we can continue to provide cutting edge family entertainment.

Continual Research and Development

Part of what makes any business successful is the ability to invest back into research and development. That way your business doesn’t stagnate, but instead it grows with new and inventive ideas. While it’s important to incorporate your own ideas into your franchise, if you’re not the creative type that’s okay, because we are! We help provide you with new and original business ideas to help grow your franchise location.

Here at Rebounderz Franchise and Development, we became a profitable franchise because each owner becomes part of our family dedicated to growing the Rebounderz brand. If you’re interested in franchise opportunities, contact our corporate headquarters today for further information.