Opening a small business franchise can present many exciting and prosperous opportunities. Becoming a franchisee is one of the most rewarding business ventures you can embark upon, with opportunities for growth, community engagement and recognition, and a bottom line that makes you (and your wallet) happy.

If you’re looking to open a small business franchise in the family entertainment center industry, then look no further than Rebounderz.

We are always searching for motivated, competent, and high-energy franchisees to join our team and contribute to our growing line of family entertainment, adventure, and extreme fun center attractions. Currently, we operate nine locations across the United States, with one more Rebounderz fun center located in Panama. That’s right, we’ve gone international!

Our entertainment centers are more than just your run-of-the mill indoor trampoline arenas. We offer fully operational extreme fun center services which cater to families from all walks of life. Our main mission is to positively impact our communities and provide a safe, fun space for kids’ birthday parties, school and corporate events, and an overall good time.

We pride ourselves on giving our team members every opportunity to run an affordable, profitable franchise. With the Rebounderz brand, you simply can’t go wrong!

So, if you’re looking for an exciting small business franchise opportunity, then expanding the Rebounderz brand just might be right for you. Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Rebounderz franchisee below.

The Advantages Of Buying A Franchise

Generally speaking, becoming a franchisee is one of the most successful business ventures out there. Because many franchise corporations, including Rebounderz, offer all of the equipment, training manuals, hands-on coaching, and other resources, you don’t necessarily need to have vast experience in the industry you are exploring.

Additionally, franchises are typically backed by marketing budgets, full corporation support and training, and more, so they are generally more successful than starting a brand new business from the ground up.

You may find that it may also be less expensive to purchase a franchise as opposed to starting a business of your own in the same industry, plus you get the added benefit of contributing to and reaping the benefits of an established brand with proven management, marketability, and success.

Exclusive Family Entertainment Franchise Benefits

Owning your own Rebounderz Extreme Fun Center location entitles you to an exclusive list of benefits that simply can’t be matched by other small business franchise opportunities. For starters, upon purchase of your own location, you gain exclusive territory rights within a four-mile radius, allowing you to truly corner your community market and become the one and only place to turn for family entertainment, adventure, and a whole lot more.

Furthermore, as a Rebounderz franchisee you get access to a vast amount of industry resources, including a national support team that can assist with marketing, staffing, training, and more.

Our support team is available Monday through Friday to help with your franchise’s needs, and we will even assist with the facility setup, personnel training, and oversight of our POS system. We also provide all of our franchise locations with onsite mentoring visits to ensure the best tried-and-true industry practices are being implemented, as well as ongoing training to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business is running at its optimal level.

Plus, your startup business will gain an initial boost in digital traffic simply by being included on our industry-leading website. Having and maintaining a digital presence is crucial in these technologically advanced times, so getting a head start on impressions and receiving advice from a brand with a high SEO ranking will help you gain footing in a competitive area.

Own A State-Of-The-Art Indoor Trampoline Park

Joining the Rebounderz family means you have the ability to stand out from the rest of the pack. How is that possible? Well, because Rebounderz just so happens to be the industry leader when it comes to trampoline arenas in the United States and beyond.

In fact, we are one of the only companies to hold patents on trampoline arenas, thanks to our unique and innovative take on the design of our trampoline equipment.

Our patented exoskeleton design features a solid, rigid-walled, free-standing trampoline arena that eliminates the need for dangerous, pesky chains and tie downs, therefore becoming a longer-lasting and more practical option. Our commercial trampolines are certainly one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated.

By becoming a franchise owner, you get exclusive access to our exoskeleton trampolines, jump towers, dodgeball jumpers, and a whole lot more. What’s more, you get all of the necessary materials and training needed to construct your trampoline arena from the expert Rebounderz support team.

Because of the superior engineering involved in our equipment, our arenas are designed for maximum safety, fun, and excitement.

You too can get in on the action by becoming a member of our team.

Every community needs a place where children and adults alike can go to experience physical activity in a way that’s fun, exciting, and different. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or just a highly motivated community member looking for an exciting new venture, then owning a Rebounderz franchise just might be right for you.

We currently have locations in Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, and Panama.

Where will we leap to next? Well, that’s up to you!

Jump up, over, and beyond the competition with our proprietary indoor trampoline parks, and grow a successful small business that you will love.

Contact the Rebounderz franchise development team today to learn more.