If you’ve ever thought about opening your own franchise location, you’ve probably looked into the various options available. It’s likely that you saw all the different franchise restaurants that provide a wide variety of opportunities to invest, but do you really want to run a restaurant? In fact, what do you even know about food prep and managing a kitchen? If a restaurant franchise isn’t for you, don’t worry because there are plenty of other franchise opportunities available for you to not only invest in, but also thrive in.

When it comes to family entertainment franchises, there are plenty to pick from, and with this ever growing industry, this leaves you with many different decisions to make. However, you will want to stand out in the family entertainment industry. You will want to open a franchise that you can be proud of and that you can see success in every day. Rebounderz Franchise and Development can help you to meet all your franchising goals and help you to grow a leading edge family entertainment franchise anywhere in the nation. With locations all across the United States and international locations as well, you’re sure to be able to see the benefits of investing in a Rebounderz franchise of your own.

What Does It Mean to Stand Out?

The Rebounderz franchise works hard to stand out from the rest of the family entertainment franchise industry, making us the number one indoor trampoline parks for families at our locations. We do this through a few very specific methods that are proven to work for anyone ready to open their own Rebounderz franchise.


Rebounderz has made a commitment to providing a safe indoor trampoline park environment for all of the families that visit any location. Safety is what truly sets our franchises apart from other, similar entertainment centers. With unique, patented trampoline frame designs and a dedication to staff training, Rebounderz requires that all franchisees uphold the safety standards that have been put in place. This way we know that our franchise locations can truly stand out from any other trampoline park out there.

Marketing Visibility

We know that when you open any business, and opening a franchise location is no different, it’s important to market to improve visibility and customer attendance. That’s why Rebounderz Franchise and Development works with you to help you with all your marketing needs. From branded materials to online marketing, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. We make it possible to do that from day one. We will help you fight to get the number one search spot for your location on Google. We’ll provide you will all the marketing assistance that we can in order to help not just your location grow, but the entire Rebounderz franchise.

Evolving Activities

In order to make your family entertainment franchise location stand out, here at Rebounderz Franchise and Development, we are continually working on products that can be added into your standard offerings. This way, you can grow your location over time and continually add to your offerings without all the pressure of doing everything upfront. Being able to add additional attractions can help to grow your location’s business and notoriety in your area when you’re ready.

Unique Events

One thing we strive for here with our Rebounderz franchises is collaboration between all the different owners in coming up with unique events that can be utilized at any location. Our indoor dodgeball leagues and toddler times are just a few of the events that have come from collaboration. Some of our locations are also now offering beer tastings for older patrons and others have teen night for safe fun for young adults. These regular events help the Rebounderz franchise stand out and keep family’s coming back for more fun on a regular basis.

When it comes to family entertainment centers, families have a wide array of activities to choose from. From mini-golf to water parks and so much more, it’s hard to stand out. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge when you open a franchise with Rebounderz. With a proven name and business model, your family entertainment center will be able to not just survive, but grow and thrive. Contact a franchise specialist with us today to learn more about becoming part of the Rebounderz family.