Many times when we talk to potential Rebounderz business owners, the big barriers that prevent them from becoming a franchisee are based on myths! While it is true that owning a profitable trampoline park franchise isn’t for everyone, we certainly don’t want anyone to be discouraged based on incorrect information! Here, we would like to address a few of the common myths we hear.

Myth #1: The Trampoline Park Business is Just a Passing Fad.

We can understand these claims because there are some passing trends, however, it just isn’t true. Trampoline parks have been gaining in popularity over the last two decades and their value has been recognized for more than just a source of entertainment, but also an excellent birthday party venue site, an incredible workout, and a place for people of all ages to hone their athletic skills.

Additionally, although Rebounderz is primarily a trampoline park franchise, we are leaders in the family entertainment industry and very few of our venues are exclusively trampoline parks. Our venues offer everything from arcades to Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, laser tag, bowling, laser mazes, and foam pits. The options for expansion are limitless!

Myth #2: When I become a franchise owner, the franchise owns me.

This myth is common throughout the entire world of franchising. We can understand this fear as a normal anxiety of becoming a business owner, or with a franchise that does expect you to sell your soul. However, at Rebounderz, it is quite the opposite of this myth! You are fully autonomous in your business decisions and you own the rights to Rebounderz and all the proprietary licensing. We do offer ongoing training and mentoring, but what you do with your venue is up to you!

Myth #3: I know nothing about trampolines, my park would fail.

We don’t take this myth personally and neither should you! When we accept applications from prospective business owners, we aren’t looking for an extensive background in trampoline park experience. While it may help, Rebounderz will supply you with all the knowledge and training that you need to be successful. Prior trampoline experience may even throw you off when you meet the Rebounderz Exoskeleton Jumper, the ultimate trampoline designed and trademarked by Rebounderz for Rebounderz.

While we are on the topic, you don’t have to have been a previous business owner to own a Rebounderz trampoline park either! Experience in management or business ownership sure helps, but we have mentors and training to guide you to success. We look for a passion to provide a fun, safe environment for families in your community, a desire to learn and succeed, and an open mind and positive attitude. We can teach you to own a trampoline park, but we can’t teach passion and determination!

Myth #4: Owning a Trampoline Park is Fun, But Not Profitable.

Okay, we will give you this one, it is half true — owning a trampoline park IS fun! However, the other half of this myth, the part about it not being profitable, could not be further from the truth! A typical trampoline park can easily clear 1,000,000 dollars in annual sales between memberships, one-time passes, and other attractions such as the cafe, arcade, or other amenities aside from the trampoline arena. There are maintenance costs, liability insurance, and franchise royalties, but the net profits from revenue are quite high. When you add in other features, sales continue to increase. In fact, Rebounderz has been so lucrative for our park owners, that several are opening second locations this year! Growth, sales, and revenue depend a lot on the effort you put in, but Rebounderz marketing team abs promotions will help get jumpers in your doors.

If you have ever considered becoming s business owner or a franchisee with your very own family entertainment center, contact us at Rebounderz. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions, honestly and can get you into contact with current Rebounderz business owners so you can hear it firsthand. At Rebounderz, we are family and your success is our success. Join a winning team today!