If You Build It, They Will Come

In a world of competitive options, gone are the days when you can simply offer a product and service and expect people to line up. People have choices and they seek out the extraordinary. Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) are designed for children of all ages for a full family adventure experience. If you have decided that you want to open a family entertainment center in your town, there are a few things you can do to help ensure its success.

Assess the Need

Take to the town and do some investigating. Find out what sort of amenities families are looking for. First find out the predominant demographic in your area to identify the age range that you should focus on. While the best family entertainment centers cater to all ages, the main attraction and the events you host can be more specific to a particular age range. You can then poll local students and parents to find what amenities would do the best in your area.

Select a Prime Location

Drive around your town to search for the best location that you can afford. If you are able to lease a building that already exists rather than build new, you may be able to get your site in a prime location much easier. Look for high visible areas that are easy to access such as near a shopping center or right off the highway. The more people have to drive by your site, the more they are exposed to the idea of stopping in — and then once they do, everytime the kids ride past they will scream in delight and suggest it again! Don’t pick a location that is relatively out of sight — after all, if it’s out of sight, it’ll be out of mind! Make sure you are aware of the locations of anything else that can be considered a family entertainment center, the general rule is there should be a 20 minute drive time between each.

Know the Laws

Know the laws in your area and obtain the proper licensing and zoning. If you are selling food or alcohol, check with city hall and the local health department about inspections, food handling permits, or liquor licences that may be required. Obtain a local sales tax permit and a federal tax ID number and registration.

Hire a Trusted Contractor

If you are having your building built, work with an architect who has experience in or specializes in designing entertainment centers and can help you maximize the fun by constructing the ideal site. If you are working with a previously built location, work with a contractor who has experience in entertainment centers. Contract with a trusted amusement equipment contractor who knows the inner workings of the equipment. When you franchise with Rebounderz, we will provide our own installation specialists who are familiar with our equipment.

Hire the Best Staff

Your staff will make or break your business. Hire the best, most upbeat, fun people that you can find to staff your entertainment center. Hire staff that has experience in providing exceptional experiences. If you are serving food or alcohol, hire employees that are trained and hold the required permits. Hire entertainment artists such as DJs to enhance the experience.

Host Events

Once you open the doors, make different events. For instance, gear a few hours a day for “mommy and me” for those stay-at-home and pre-school aged children, a teen night where all the activities are geared toward older kids, a family night for the whole crew, and a parent’s night out. When you create specific events, it shows that your facility is versatile and capable of hosting the entire family. If your family entertainment center is offers the same services all the time, having a list of events helps to bring people in on the traditionally slower business days.

Have Fun

When you bring the fun to the people, you are expressing your desire to help families bond and have fun together. When you open a family entertainment business, it must have an atmosphere of excitement and fun. Even if the facility is polished with the newest technology and the best food, families will not return if the experience was not fun. To create a space of fun, you have to have fun as the business owner.

No one decides to start a business or invest in a franchise because they don’t want to be successful. The problem most new business owners face is looking at everything surrounding the business. Avoid tunnel vision and take the time to take the steps necessary to support success. If you are looking for a successful profitable franchise to invest with, contact us at Rebounderz today!