The family entertainment center industry has been an ever evolving, highly competitive industry. With thousands of bowling franchises, laser tag franchises and amusement franchises, making your family entertainment center stand out can seem difficult. It may seem that brighter lights and a bigger facility is what draws people in, but here are a few tips on how to make your amusement center stand out above the rest.

Create an Exceptional Experience

Any facility can claim to be the ideal location for kid’s birthday party, but providing an exceptionally memorable experience helps to prove it and keep families booking dates. For instance, some Rebounderz Extreme Fun Centers are exclusively trampoline arenas and can compete with multi-activity centers because of the birthday party packages. Rebounderz provides convenience for parents hosting the birthday party by assigning them a host who plans, sets up, handles party operations and clean-up. They also provide a memorable birthday experience for the children by providing a personalized, themed party with various, perfectly timed events that start with high-energy fun and end with exhausted kids eating cake. Exceptional customer experiences keeps customers coming back for more!

Serve Multiple Ages

Most family entertainment centers are geared toward the school aged child. While this is a great market and the biggest one to tap into in regards to kid’s birthday party franchises. However, providing entertainment to the older kids is important to being a full family entertainment center. Most families with multiple children have at least one under the age of six years old. Most amusement centers fail to offer a place for the smaller kids to enjoy, which means families either only come for special occasions for the older children, don’t come at all, or spend a fraction of the time they would if the whole family was having fun. At Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park, a foam pit and secluded trampoline area is specially geared for toddlers to enjoy while older siblings enjoy the main trampoline arena.

Get Parents Involved

The majority of family entertainment centers are geared toward children and completely alienate adults, which are what parents of children are! When amusement centers are not suitable for adults to join in the play, families may opt to engage in a different activity that the entire family can enjoy, such as mini golf or bowling. Rebounderz trampoline parks engage parents by offering basketball and dodgeball games for the entire family to play together as well as Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses that are suitable for children as well as adults. Although many parents will take their children to entertainment centers for the sake of their children’s enjoyment, a family that plays together stays together!

Keep Up With Trends

Keep an open mind and realize that fun is a continually evolving concept. Perhaps when we were kids, a set of pogs could keep us entertained for hours. Today, kids want the newest, coolest thing; something worthy of snapping to their followers. At some of the Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zones, laser tag zones are completely high tech, complete with iCombat tactical weaponry with life-like noises and recoil that allow players to complete in different missions. Advanced technology only serves to recharge an old game like laser tag and make it a new, exciting experience.

Have Fun

It is true, you are a business owner and business is about deadlines, growth, profit margins and income. The families walking through the door of your establishment do not care about any of that. They care about having fun and being entertained. As a family entertainment center business owner, you have promised to fill that request. When you create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, and it is exemplified by your employees, your guests can feel it. When guests are having fun, they stay longer, return frequently, and tell their friends and family. When they have a blast, they hashtag, tweet, and snap it to encourage others to come— and that is your business sensed bottom line, success.

Anyone can set up flashing lights and some fun family activities and call it an entertainment center, but when the fun is missing, families are not likely to pay for it. To stand out in the competitive family entertainment center industry, all it takes is a lotta bit of hard work and fun! If you want to join the growing, successful Rebounderz family, contact us today!