Rebounderz Franchise began as a dream of Founder, Mark Gurley to create a unique extreme trampoline fun zone. As a franchise, the Rebounderz business continues to grow. There are currently several locations to serve jumpers throughout the United States and Panama, with unlimited potential to add more. The secret to Rebounderz success? There is no one single answer, but here, we will discuss a few ways we continue to grow.

Family Entertainment Franchise

The family entertainment industry is a steadily, rapid growing industry that has yet to lose momentum. Choosing to venture in a booming industry that shows no signs of receding was the first important step toward success. However, even though the demand for family entertainment centers is still quite high, and growing, success is not guaranteed by simply creating a family facility, it must be an establishment that offers legitimate entertainment in a fun atmosphere. The entertainment center is just the base cake.

Maximum Safety = Maximum Fun!

Rebounderz Franchise takes the safety of its jumpers seriously. Founder and CEO, Mark Gurley, created and holds an exclusive patent for the Exoskeleton Jumper trampoline system. The Exoskeleton Jumper is the industry’s safest and easiest to repair trampoline. Rebounderz grants its affiliates permission and exclusive rights to all patents, which means that every Rebounderz location can boast the safest trampolines in town. For all Rebounderz locations, the Jumpers’ engineering and installation oversight is conducted by a Certified State Licensed Engineer and a pre-opening inspection is conducted by a State Certified Safety Inspector. Rebounderz Franchise conducts quarterly safety inspections for the first year and then annually thereafter for each of its locations.

Addition of Activities

Rebounderz has never been bound to the idea of exclusive trampoline fun. Several of our locations offer other fun ideas to engage entertainment seekers between rebounding session. Rebounderz Franchise is on a mission to dominate the family entertainment center franchise industry and provide the most fun to the most families. To do that, we know that we have to keep up with the demands of adventure seekers. We listen to feedback and implement other fun activities.

Ninja Warrior Course

Several Rebounderz locations are home to Ninja Warrior training courses complete with floating boards and a warped wall! The Ninja Warrior courses are made to emulate the courses shown on the popular television competition series by the same name and inspire fitness in even the smallest athletes.

Laser Tag

One of our most popular additional features at several locations is laser tag. Our facilities are home to multi-level, multi room battle courses that are equipped with iCombat tactical weaponry, active with noise and recoil to mimic the real thing. No two battles are the same with ever-changing missions. Additionally, our Jacksonville location is home to a laser maze that allows participants to maneuver through laser light beams to reach their target.

Climbing Walls

If jumping is not your thing, but you have an active sense of adventure, check out the ceiling high climbing rock walls at several locations. Our climbing walls are created with various skill levels in mind and are equipped with safety features to catch your fall.

Mini Bowling

Mini bowling is a great option for those of all ages and fitness levels. Engaging in a little competition with a new spin on a classic sport is a fun way to bring the family together. Mini bowling doesn’t require special bowling shoes and with everything mini, it is good for children from two to 102!


Some of our locations feature arcades where kids of all ages can unwind and indulge in some classic game play between all the other activities.

Leap of Faith

For our thrill seeking visitors, some of the Rebounderz locations are home to a Leap of Faith attraction, which is similar to bungee jumping! As with anything else, we have made this activity with the safest materials to ensure the safest terrifying experience!

Offering various activities ensures that every person who walks through the front door, regardless of interest, fitness level, or physical limitations can find something fun to do! When a family of five comes to play, each member of the family can leave feeling like their need for excitement and entertainment were met.

Parties and Group Events

Rebounderz Trampoline Parks are so much more than an open arena of super safe, super bouncy, super fun trampolines! Although we are first and foremost, a trampoline park business, our success lays in the fact that we offer the ultimate trampoline park experience. When you are a guest at any Rebounderz location, you are more than a jumper rebounding away on our equipment, you are a valued guest at our establishment. To provide the ultimate experience, all of our locations offer the human experience and offer party and group event specials.

Kids Birthday Parties

Rebounderz is proud to boast incredible birthday party packages to make your kids birthday party the most memorable one! Don’t worry about a thing when you let Rebounderz host your party, we take care of everything from setup to clean-up and everything in between — you just bring the cake, gifts, and guest, we’ll do the rest!

Corporate Team Building

We believe there is no better way to build comradery and moral than through fun and childish bonding. It doesn’t matter how professional or laid back a business industry you work in, when you host a corporate team building event with Rebounderz, we are sure that your team will leave closer than ever. Let the ideas soar with a brainstorming session on a trampoline!


Make it an entire active kids night for your group of youngsters. Organize a lock-in at one of our facilities for your group — sport team, band, scouts, school class, church youth group — and enjoy the entire facility to yourselves! We will supply the service and take care of the setup and clean-up.

Rebounderz is passionate about safe family entertainment and getting the whole family active. We take safety and fun seriously, and it shows. Rebounderz success is due to many things, such as what we’ve listed. As a franchise, we believe that most of the success can be attributed to each of our business owners who share a similar vision and run their facilities with fun as the primary focus. Check out our facilities and contact us for franchise opportunities to become a part of the success. When you become a Rebounderz business owner, you gain access to everything our corporate company offers. Hop on the opportunity and call now!