Special Programs at Rebounderz

At Rebounderz Franchise, we are more than just a successful trampoline park franchise, we are a company who is passionate about providing communities with safe, fun places for families to spend time together. We are proud to be in the family entertainment center (FEC) franchise industry and strive to spread joy to every location that we have a trampoline arena in. Here are some of the ways that we go above and beyond to provide fun to community members and establish ourselves as so much more than just an indoor trampoline park!

Sensory Friendly Nights

Rebounderz recognizes that normal operating hours can be overwhelming for our friends with special needs or sensory issues. For this reason, many of our locations offer sensory friendly nights! Sensory-friendly nights feature softer music, minimal flashing lights, the arcade is turned off, and limited participant entry. This allows the opportunity for all of the community’s children to enjoy the fun of our trampoline arenas!

Jump N’ Jam

As experts in child entertainment, we understand that tweens and teens need age-appropriate entertainment that is safe as well as fun. We also know that children of all ages love the enjoyment that our indoor trampoline parks provide and that normal operating hours invite kids from toddlers to grandparents! Some of our locations offer Jump N’ Jam or Rad Nights that caters to teens. The nights feature later hours, club-inspired lighting and DJ performances in addition to access to all of our activities.

Munchkin & Me

Finding fun activities for younger kids can sometimes prove difficult. And, finding activities that are enjoyable for both munchkins and their adult can be even more difficult. At Rebounderz, we know that our smaller, younger friends can often feel overwhelmed during regular jumping hours and that their parents get concerned about their littles being trampled by the big kids. So, most of our locations offer Munchkin and Me or Toddler Time, which are designated times for kids seven and younger to jump to their heart’s content and engage in other age-appropriate activities.

Air Xercise

Trampoline rebounding is one of the best — and most fun! — workouts that you can do. To help promote physical activity and offer air-obic exercise, many of our locations have Air Xercise classes to get community members moving! Whether you are looking for a full body strength-training or cardio workout, or just a fun way to enjoy our trampolines, our fitness classes are great!

Many of our locations offer a ton of other special events and programs to ensure that every member of our communities can enjoy the pure amusement that our trampoline parks have to offer. For a complete list of Rebounderz programs, read here or check out our location pages. If you are interested in joining the Rebounderz team as a franchise owner, contact us today!