One of the hallmarks of investing in a franchise is the ongoing royalties that a franchisee continues to pay the franchise for the duration of the relationship. When you invest in Rebounderz, your royalties get you much more than the rights to display the Rebounderz name and logo. Your full investment will be put towards building the success of your business as well as the franchise. Here are a few things that your royalties are applied to.

Website and Marketing

At Rebounderz, we have invested a tremendous amount of effort and resources in building out an industry leading website to advertise our brand and showcase our locations. With such a strong digital presence, our site allows our locations to rank on search engine results to bring customers in your doors. When you join the Rebounderz team, your location website will help to quickly build your business, rather than starting from scratch. We believe that marketing is an essential element to the success of our brand. For this reason, each of our locations has access to our supreme marketing team and reap the benefits of their efforts.

Franchise Support Team

What makes Rebounderz superior to other franchise options is the continued, ongoing support from our corporate team. Whether you are a brand new business owner or a trampoline arena veteran, you have the support of our corporate team whenever you need it. Whether you want to talk to someone more experienced for staffing advice or you need help with some of your trampoline equipment, our staff is available to help. You can rest assured you will never be left on your own.

Onsite Mentoring and Ongoing Training

Initially, you will have access to professional training that will guide you through the setup and opening of your trampoline park and carry you through the first year. However, your training and support don’t end when your trampoline park opens for business. When you are a business owner with Rebounderz, you’ll continue to be a part of our ongoing training that uses the latest methods and industry trends to help your arena be the go-to family entertainment center in your area. We provide newsletters and conferences to keep all of our franchisees on the same page. When you join the Rebounderz team, you will never feel alone in your business venture.

Patented Materials

Rebounderz is proud to be the only trampoline park franchise to offer the patented Jumper Exoskeleton trampolines. These state-of-the-art trampolines offer superior safety and bounce for all to enjoy. When you join the Rebounderz team, you will have full access to the Jumper and all of the required replacement parts. Our team will help set up your trampoline arena and conduct a safety inspection prior to you opening your doors. Then, you’ll have access to replacement parts and labor as needed.

At Rebounderz, we know that the success of our brand and product depends directly on the success of each of our franchisees. It is for this reason that we support our business owners and build solid relationships, no matter the physical distance between the location of the new trampoline park and our corporate office. If you are looking for a profitable franchise investment opportunity, contact us at Rebounderz today!