When you invest in a trampoline park franchise, such as Rebounderz, it is easy to count on the day-to-day business of patrons who return to enjoy a few hours of flips and tricks on the trampolines, but it is a business savvy move to plan some events that invite jumpers to come for a specific occasion. Event planning has been a successful marketing technique for ages because, like sales, it gives customers an opportunity they can miss out on, whereas business as normal is expected day after day. Tap into the fear of missing out mentality and give your potential customers something they don’t want to miss out on while boosting your revenue. Here are a event ideas to host at your trampoline park.

Teen Night

Teen night, or any other specific age event, gives you an opportunity to transform your trampoline park, temporarily, into the hot spot for that specific demographic. For teen night, we like to recommend laser lights or black lights while the regular lights are dimmed. Include glow sticks and the current Top 40 playlist booming as the jump soundtrack. Supply endless pizza and soda to fuel the jumpers. If you host teen night after normal jumping hours, it won’t impose on regular business and will make the teens feel like you kept the entire establishment open just for them.

Dodgeball Tournament

Trampoline dodgeball is always a win, which is why it is a staple activity at any trampoline park. Dodgeball is a classic competitive sport that is a great time on a flat, hard surface, but on springy trampolines, the fun is easily tripled. Hosting a dodgeball tournament invites people to come out and play for a reason. Offering gift cards as prizes offers patrons the opportunity to come back and practice more for the next tournament! Dodgeball tournaments are great for people of all ages and gets people involved with each other.

Junior Jump Time

Setting aside special time or some space to let the little ones jump without worrying about being trampled by bigger kids. For junior jump time you can play child friendly music and provide sandwiches and juice for the children to enjoy on their breaks. Keep in mind that when you open the trampoline park up exclusively for young kids, they require considerable more supervision and you should staff appropriately, because safety is fun!

Brews and Bounce

If you have a liquor license, you can arrange adult jump time and sell beer. This should be an after-hours, adult-only event where adults can let their inner-child jump while they enjoy age-appropriate libations. Even adults love some good bounce time and don’t often take the opportunity at establishments that cater to children. Family time is great and will be a time that the adults can bring the gang, but offering some adult time can encourage a new demographic to try out your trampoline park.

Mommy and Me

Mommy and me activities are increasingly popular as the desire for stay at home parents to get out of the house and socialize their little ones becomes more popular. Parent and me jump time is popular during daytime hours when stay-at-home parents are looking for a place to take their young children to exert some energy. During the first few hours that your trampoline park is open you can benefit from allotting mommy and me time and allow space for the little ones to safely jump while not being trampled by the big kids. When parents bring their children to events like these, you’ll benefit from two admissions from demographics that aren’t as likely to jump during regular jump hours.

Trampoline parks are naturally fun and exciting places to be. Children of all ages love to leap high into the air and bounce back up when they land. When you plan special events for patrons to attend, it gives them something to miss out on if they don’t attend and a special reason to come to your establishment over anything else they can choose to do. Plan one of these fun events or come up with one of your own and make events a regular part of your routine. Try out new things to see what works and follow-up on feedback. If you are looking for a profitable trampoline franchise to invest in, consider Rebounderz Trampoline Park. Give us a call for franchise opportunities today!