Trampoline park franchises are not new to the scene, nor is Rebounderz Franchise. Our first doors opened in 2008 —that’s right, a whole decade ago, time flies when you’re having fun! Trampoline parks continue to rank as the ultimate family entertainment and the industry continues to grow! With so many trampoline parks and family entertainment centers opening their doors across the nation, it takes something special to rise above the rest and succeed. What is that “special something” that is the key to Rebounderz success you ask? Two things, one is our franchise model and the business owners who put their passion into their locations; and two is our safety-minded trampoline patent that results in more bounce and less injury than our competitors. Here, we will highlight our Exoskeleton Jumper.

Customized Commercial Trampolines at Rebounderz Trampoline Parks

It is not the fact that Rebounderz is the only company in the United States to hold patents on trampoline arenas that afford us bragging rights, it is the trampoline that the patent is for. The Exoskeleton Jumper is crafted using superior engineering and installed by only the highest quality trained personnel. All Exoskeleton Jumpers are made in the United States and meet the strictest quality and safety standards. The customized commercial trampoline is a solid, rigid-walled, freestanding structure designed to be the ultimate jumping environment for fun and safety.

Quality Trampoline Arena

The first thing that sets the Exoskeleton Jumper apart from every other customized commercial trampoline is the superior quality of materials and craftsmanship. Every trampoline is constructed from the highest quality materials and inspected for safety prior to being combined to create the trampoline arena. The trampoline is made into one solid piece of metal and then bolted to the foundation of each building. The bounce surface is then equipped with safety padding that helps create the “cup” design, blocking the jumping surface into smaller sections that keep jumpers toward the middle, which keeps things safer when there are multiple jumpers.

Beyond the Product

Safety and quality don’t stop at the fabrication of the trampolines. The Rebounderz Franchise has established rigid guidelines regarding the installation, maintenance, and inspection of all trampoline arenas. These policies hold both the franchise and individual business owner responsible for conducting safety inspections and performing routine maintenance. The installation of all Rebounderz trampoline parks are conducted by qualified, experienced professionals for consistency and to ensure the quality work. Rebounderz, as an institution, takes the safety of jumpers seriously, after all, we know that people won’t return to a place they don’t feel safe and fearing equipment distracts from the pure joy that trampoline parks offer! All of the inspections and risk assessment are monitored by our compliance officer to ensure safety across the entire Rebounderz system.

Safety at a Rebounderz Trampoline Park is second to none, regardless of where you are in the nation. Although we are known for our trampoline arenas, Rebounderz offers exciting opportunities in several areas of the family entertainment industry and we are always looking for passionate entrepreneurs. If you are interested in joining the Rebounderz team as a business owner, contact us for profitable franchise opportunities.