Since trampoline rebounding became an Olympic sport 18 years ago, the indoor trampoline park industry has grown and continues to expand exponentially —by leaps and bounds, you may say. Some potential business owners, who are searching for the perfect franchise investment, get fearful because the initial overhead cost of opening your own trampoline park or buying into an existing indoor trampoline park franchise can be quite high. When potential business owners see the start-up numbers, they tend to shy away from the idea of investing, but to those, we would like to enlighten them to the long-term earnings potential that trampoline parks hold. Here, we would like to explore the question of profitability of trampoline park franchises.

Indoor Trampoline Park Industry

In 2000, when trampoline rebounding debuted in the Olympics there were less than 50 trampoline parks, nationwide. However, since then, there have been over 500 more trampoline parks who opened their doors. The trampoline park industry has grown so readily because of the many benefits as well as the pure enjoyment that trampolines offer and trampoline parks offer a safer option to backyard trampolines for the entire family. For those who were skeptical that trampolining may have been a passing phase since trampoline parks began opening, people have found many reasons that trampoline parks have value. For instance, more than just fun, trampoline parks are great for exercise and practicing other sports. Manu of the most successful trampoline park franchises do so well because they do not limit their establishments to just trampolines, but branch out to be total family entertainment centers.

Family Entertainment Center Industry

The family entertainment industry is not a new industry and has served as a solution for fun family outings for decades. The appeal of these facilities is that they cater to a wide range of ages and have interactive activities that provide fun as well as physical exercise. Many of these centers have a great appeal for kid’s birthday parties as they offer a variety of activities which is perfect for diverse likes of children. Family entertainment centers have evolved from being a place that offers mini-golf and batting cages to full fun zones that provide laser tag, trampoline parks, arcades, go-karts, obstacle courses, and bowling in addition to the batting cages and mini-golf courses. These centers are incredibly successful because entire families can enjoy a day of fun with age-appropriate activities and when a guest gets bored of one activity, they can move on to the next.

So, the short answer to the question, are trampoline parks profitable —absolutely. While the initial cost may be high, the long-term benefits are worth it and the potential for growth is limitless. Many trampoline park franchise owners see big profits right away, and if their facility is staffed properly and they have the drive to search for more opportunities and improvement, there really is no cap. If you are looking for trampoline park franchise opportunities, contact Rebounderz Franchise to start your career as an indoor trampoline park franchise business owner!