Business owners come in all shapes and sizes, just as the business they own and the clients they serve. There is no magic list of qualities one must possess that would guarantee their success if they decided to become a business owner. However, there are some traits that will serve you well if you decide to buy a family entertainment center (FEC) franchise.


A people person who can relate to people is a trait that all business owners in the people industry should possess. When you invest in a family entertainment center franchise, your customers are not leaving with a product to hold, they are leaving with memories of the time they spent. If you can relate to people and offer them a great experience, you will be successful in the FEC industry.


It is incredibly difficult to run any business without passion! When you do what you are passionate about, people feel that energy and feed off of it. When you are passionate about the goods or services provided by your business, selling comes easy and people buy easily. In the family entertainment center business, if you are not passionate about family fun, you are sure to fail. If you are passionate about providing a place for families to enjoy each other’s company and create fun memories, FEC is the right industry for you!


Resilience is critically important to any business owner. Startups are not easy and getting your business going may include some speed bumps, but with resilience, you can overcome and build something great. If you are able to easily bounce-back, you may consider a trampoline park franchise as your business investment of choice!


More so than other industries, if you are considering being a family entertainment center business owner, you must be open-minded. People are always searching for the new fun thing to do and as we age, children and trends get younger. To be successful in the FEC industry, it is important to keep up with current trends and adjust your business accordingly— this requires an open mind.


Above everything, to make it as a successful family entertainment center owner, you must be fun. If your business is centered around fun, the culture and the atmosphere must always convey energy and excitement. If the owner is not having fun, the staff won’t either, and this overflows onto patrons. You can not simply open a laser tag franchise or a bowling franchise and expect success. However, when you have fun as the business owner, it will cause fun to be sprinkled everywhere and push your business in the right direction.

Risk Taker

Being a risk taker does not mean that you should make foolish decisions, it means that you consider the possibilities and jump. There is no better metaphor for this than buying a trampoline park franchise! There is no guarantee of success, but if you always do what is safe, you will never know what could have been. As the old adage goes “you miss 100 percent of the swings you don’t take.”

Being a business owner is a tough, but rewarding job. When you make the decision to break into the world of family entertainment center franchising, you have made the commitment to spend your days providing excitement to bring families closer together. Your success depends on their smiles. It takes more than just a savvy business owner to run a successful family entertainment center. If you have the traits listed here, you may want to consider a future with Rebounderz Extreme Fun Center franchise! Contact us to find out more about business opportunities.