1. What Kind of Boss are You?

    When you are a business owner, it is important to know what kind of boss you are so you know how you are affecting the people who work for you and the clients who walk through your door. Every business is led by a boss, the success of the business depends on it. Every type of boss will affect the business and its success differently. While there aren’t really “right” or “wrong” kinds of …Read More

  2. How to Make Your Family Entertainment Center Business Stand Out

    The family entertainment center industry has been an ever evolving, highly competitive industry. With thousands of bowling franchises, laser tag franchises and amusement franchises, making your family entertainment center stand out can seem difficult. It may seem that brighter lights and a bigger facility is what draws people in, but here are a few tips on how to make your amusement center stand o…Read More

  3. 6 Characteristics of Successful Family Entertainment Center Owners

    Business owners come in all shapes and sizes, just as the business they own and the clients they serve. There is no magic list of qualities one must possess that would guarantee their success if they decided to become a business owner. However, there are some traits that will serve you well if you decide to buy a family entertainment center (FEC) franchise. Charismatic A people person who can rela…Read More

  4. Rebounderz Franchise: The Ultimate Family Entertainment Center Franchise

    Rebounderz Franchise is one of the fastest growing family entertainment center franchises in the indoor family entertainment industry. How does a company rise to the top of an industry? By being flexible and multi-faceted, Rebounderz franchise is able to bounce over its competitors. Rebounderz has refused to box itself in a purely trampoline park franchise, although that is where it all began. So…Read More

  5. Boundless Business Opportunity

      There are currently over 500 trampoline parks nationwide and since 2014, the number of trampoline parks has doubled annually. Trampoline parks are one of the fastest growing and most popular franchises in the United States. In recent years trampoline parks have expanded to be total family fun centers, which include laser tag, arcades, and obstacle courses. As a healthy way to expand children's …Read More

  6. 5 Reasons Why Franchises Fail and How to Avoid Them: Part 2

    In part one of our series we discussed a few reasons franchises fail and what you can do to prevent it. In part two, we will wrap up our discussion with a few more. #3 Low Working Capital New businesses require a lot of working capital. Of course, there is the initial investment amount. In addition, the location must be purchased or rented, and the business started. Start-up costs vary based on wh…Read More

  7. 5 Reasons Why Franchises Fail and How to Avoid Them: Part 1

    There are strong arguments about why franchises fail and you may be tempted to believe that this is the brand that failed and individual franchise failure is simply a side effect of that. However, there are many reasons that franchises fail. In this two part series, we will discuss a few of the common reasons and how you can avoid them in your own business. # 1 Lack of Business Skills Running a bu…Read More

  8. Why Invest in Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena Franchise?

    You’ve been searching for the perfect business opportunity and decided that an indoor trampoline park is the perfect franchise investment. How do you decide which brand is the right investment opportunity for you? Rebounderz Franchise is the leader in cutting-edge innovations and attractions in the family entertainment center industry for good reason. Here we will discuss just a few: Superior En…Read More

  9. Why Indoor Trampoline Parks are a Great Franchise Investment

    The old adage goes, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” When you are seeking a franchise investment business opportunity, most people do it to be their own boss and because they want to do what they love. If you are searching for the perfect business to own, consider an indoor trampoline park. People of all ages can enjoy jumping at an indoor trampoline park, it …Read More

  10. 15 Steps to Make Your Franchise Profitable

    Whether you’re interested in opening a Rebounderz franchise or you’ve already opened one, these 15 tips can ensure the profitability of your business and help you create a successful career! Continue reading to learn more. 1. Monitor Payroll & Employees Essential to keeping your costs down, monitoring your payroll and your employees is the first step in the process to ensuring the profitab…Read More