1. How to Make a Positive Impact on Your Community while Boosting Sales

    As a business owner, your business is seated in a community whose support determines the success of your business. The old adage “if you build it, they will come,” isn’t entirely true; you must put in the sweat equity to create a successful empire. To successfully promote your business, you may have to be able to prove that it is a valuable asset to the community and its members and that you…Read More

  2. Events to Plan at Your Trampoline Park

    When you invest in a trampoline park franchise, such as Rebounderz, it is easy to count on the day-to-day business of patrons who return to enjoy a few hours of flips and tricks on the trampolines, but it is a business savvy move to plan some events that invite jumpers to come for a specific occasion. Event planning has been a successful marketing technique for ages because, like sales, it gives c…Read More

  3. Why Investing in a Birthday Party Franchise is Worth It

    If you’ve made the leap to investing in a franchise with dreams of being a successful business owner, consider a birthday party franchise. Don’t worry, it isn’t what it sounds like, you don’t have to fully commit to a franchise full of balloons and cake, you can invest in a franchise that invites birthday parties organically. For instance, a family entertainment center invites children of …Read More

  4. How to Start a Successful Family Entertainment Center

    If You Build It, They Will Come In a world of competitive options, gone are the days when you can simply offer a product and service and expect people to line up. People have choices and they seek out the extraordinary. Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) are designed for children of all ages for a full family adventure experience. If you have decided that you want to open a family entertainment ce…Read More

  5. How to Survive Your First Year as a Franchise Owner

    Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take on the adventure of being a business owner with the franchise that met your qualifications and helps you to share your passion. Like most franchisees, you will likely feel the excitement intertwined with the terror that you just spent your life savings on a business that isn’t yet supplying income. Of course, you will be working tirelessly to e…Read More

  6. How Rebounderz Franchise Keeps Growing

    Rebounderz Franchise began as a dream of Founder, Mark Gurley to create a unique extreme trampoline fun zone. As a franchise, the Rebounderz business continues to grow. There are currently several locations to serve jumpers throughout the United States and Panama, with unlimited potential to add more. The secret to Rebounderz success? There is no one single answer, but here, we will discuss a few …Read More

  7. Why Safety Must be Your Motto to be a Successful Trampoline Park Owner

    Unlike any other business you can own, a trampoline park has many unique qualities. One of those unique qualities is the importance of safety. Safety at a trampoline park cannot be understated or underemphasized — every aspect of your business should be woven with safety at the forefront. Not only is it important to the health and welfare of your patrons, but your reputation is riding on it! For…Read More

  8. Why You Need an Exit Plan for Your Franchise

    As a business owner and a franchise investor, no one plans to exit before they sign on. If your franchise is successful, you may not need an exit strategy for many decades — that is the American Dream — when you retire. Chances are, though, at some point, you will need an exit plan — retirement, travel, pursue other business ventures. To help you get the conversation started, we have gathere…Read More

  9. How to Know if Your Business Will Succeed in Your Town

    We’ve all heard the old adage location, location, location and it applies to everything! If you have been considering franchising or becoming a business owner in your town, you’ll need to do an assessment to find out if your town can support your business. Sometimes businesses are unsustainable simply because of location. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine if your bu…Read More

  10. Lessons to Learn From Successful Franchise Business Owners

    Almost any business can franchise their business to help expand their brand. This can be beneficial for the franchisor when they gain experienced business owners. Franchisees benefit when they have e support network and an established tried-and-true business model to follow. Before franchising your business or investing in a franchise, there are a few lessons to be learned from other franchise bus…Read More